Abdul Rahman Shaik
2 min readApr 10, 2018


A wall comes with 4 options

Photo by Claudia Gschwend on Unsplash

A boy heading towards his home. Suddenly, he came across a wall. It’s tall and wide.

The wall started to speak with the boy. The wall said ‘Where are you going?’

The boy said “ I’m going home and you’re blocking my way Mr. Wall. Could you please move? I’m getting late”.

The wall said “Boy, I’m a wall and I don’t have legs to move. Neither I can crawl nor creep”.

And the wall continues, “Well, I can give you 4 options which help you to reach your home”.

The boy replied positively.

The wall said,

  • Go back and find another way to reach your home.
  • Take side ways.
  • Wait here until someone come and help you.
  • Go through me.

The boy gave a thought. He thought “I cannot go back and there isn’t any guarantee I won’t end up in such situation. I cannot take sideways they always come with great price which I cannot pay. I cannot wait for someone to get help. Neither a miracle will happen and make Mr. Wall disappear. What I can do is, try. Try to make a way through Mr. Wall. Start with a hole and make a door”.

The boy said “Mr. Wall I gave a thought to your options. I’ll go through you”.

The wall said, “ I’ll give you strength of 100 men and tools to go through me”.

The boy took them and with a great effort make a door in the wall.

“Old wooden door with chipped blue paint with a brass doorknob and the number 38 at the top surrounded by mustard yellow walls” by André Branco on Unsplash

The boy reached his home and had a great time with his family.


Sometimes we end up in situation where there are no sideways (shortcuts), go back, wait for a miracle options. Cause we need to make one.

There’s another option, the boy can jump over the wall.

I guess, our solutions maybe a door to someone, that’s why the boy made a door.

If you take the jump option how would you end it? Let me know.