Abdul Rahman Shaik
1 min readMay 23, 2018

Once there lived a potter. His pots and pottery work is well known in the whole town. One day, the potter was carrying water in a pot on his way back home. There were boys playing with a ball. Unfortunately, the ball hit the pot and broke it down. The potter got angry and started yelling at those boys. It was seen by their parents. The parents and potter starting to quarrel. And now the potter and parents aren’t that much friendly.

Here’s a thing what if potter takes the accountability or the parents or maybe at least one of them?

None of them take any. Instead they quarreled and didn’t like very much.

Of course the pot may have been broken by some other thing. Or maybe another day.

There maybe situations where it’s better to take accountability rather than pointing out someone. Or at least it’s better not to point out and not waste time and energy on things that aren’t much helpful.