An Extra Step

Abdul Rahman Shaik
1 min readMay 8, 2018


A job you always dreaming of.

A place you always want to visit.

A person you want to hang out.

A blog you want to do.

A gadget you’d love to have.

These are in your mind or in some of our minds. They are because we like, love or interesting to do. If anything comes into these states we sign up for them.

A broccoli cake.

A kelp salad.

An annoying person.

A blog filled with ads.

A gadget needs repairs very often.

We don’t like, love or find interesting to have them. We let them on the table or throw them. Or maybe try a few times to adjust.

What if an extra step is added to make unlikeable, unlovable, uninteresting into lovable, interesting, likable.

That EXTRA STEP is TRY. Try to like it. Try to love it. Try to make it interesting.

There are reasons to not. But they shouldn’t be excuses.

For example, a person annoys you. Immediately, you ignore or try to get rid of him. What if you try to like him and listen to? What if you hear something and get a creative idea?

If still unlikeable or unlovable or uninteresting then it’s up to you.

Don’t the blame the RESISTANCE. It’s to unleash the power within you.