Abdul Rahman Shaik
1 min readAug 21, 2018

A college is a place built to provide education to the people. That’s what been said.

Nobody asked what the college for is. Now the college is a safe place. A place to learn things and build things very safe. It’s good. It’s comfortable. Nobody wants to leave the bubble. It has been made like that.

The chances to ask and raise a question is close to hopeless. If asked, it’d take so much time for them to sort it out. But for formality, they ask to raise questions. Nobody raise. Cause they know why. Simply they smile and get back to normal routine.

The people staying in the bubble are more in number. They are teaching like corporate drones and puncturing brains. They teach facts and numbers which are to be remember. The more remembered, the more the favourite. More the favourite, more the marks and like-ability factor. More marks mean more intelligent. And more likely to succeed in life. That’s how it works.

That’s called perfectionism. Perfectionism is a serial killer. It kills creativity. In real life, things don’t go the way it’s wanted. It happens rarely. Real world problems are challenging, interesting, fun. They’re not perfect. They’re messy. They’re engaging. It’s worth to sign up for these challenges.

Here’s my answer for what the college for is. It’s for validation. Validation that one is educated. One knows something. One can work in a safe and protected place perfectly. When it comes to the real world, the validation is thrown out of the window.