Do MS after B Tech or Get a job then do MS?

Abdul Rahman Shaik
2 min readJan 13, 2019

I’m not going to talk about what is MS and what courses you should take. I’m focusing on two options which are on a par. Doing MS after your B Tech course or Get a job and experience then do MS.

Doing MS (Master Of Science) in abroad is a very good option. You get exposure to a wide range of opportunities, find like-minded people, and much more.

Here’s what would happen if you get a job and experience then do MS.
1. You’ll get exposed to your industry.
2. You’ll find a network and make connections.
3. See the market and the current trends, demands etc.
4. You develop your skill set.
5. Improve your communication.
6. Work on some fun, exciting projects.
7. You’ll have experience.
8. You’ll find out your strengths, weakness.
9. You’ll get support, advice on your projects from your network/people.

When you get a job, you’re having this time gap where you can experiment with ideas and learn. That experience will get you leverage.

If you do MS right after your B Tech, you won’t get much advantage. You’ll be a fresher. Not much knowledge about your industry and significant experience. Of course, you’ll get a certificate and you can show it to your family, relatives, friends, may have a better job in the beginning after MS. You’re not doing MS to impress or stand out from other for a moment.

Also, doing MS in the US or another country is going to cost you much. It’s not like you’re spending a little amount. You want best out the money you’re investing in.

You might be thinking, “I’ll get money back somehow and want to do MS right now”. See, it’s not about getting money back. It’s about having the leverage, and get a job from the company you love with best pay grade you deserve or whatever you want.

If you ask, what’s the difference between a student with an MS degree and a student with no MS degree, then I say, it’s the leverage.

And what’s the difference between who completed MS early and who doesn’t then it’s who’s done with their breakfast early.

If you’ve required experience, skill set, knowledge then you’re good to go. If not, think and decide. Whatever you do make a wise decision.

If you can’t decide, talk to someone you know. Someone who can advise you better. Or reach out people on the Internet. When you ask, do ask the right people.