Everything is a remix

Abdul Rahman Shaik
2 min readOct 3, 2018


Everything in this world has already done and said. Everything happening at this moment is a remix.

Today, I watched GOT S1 E1. I wanted to watch GOT and I did. I’ll watch again.

GOT really lit the idea of Everything is a remix. GOT was written based on violence, libido, power. These are the very foundation for that book. Violence, killing, libido, pleasures of flesh and everything that’s opposite to humanity and related to the humanity can be expected totally.

The very same things can be observed in any ancient civilization. There’s killing, genocide, thrust for power, brutality, barbarians, love, rationality, understanding, wisdom and rest goes on and on and on……………..

My point is this, Everything happening to me in this very moment had happened to someone or even to me at some point in my life. It’s been done. And if I get stuck at some point, If I have written journal of that event I can find my way out the mess. I can dodge the bullet. I can’t remember everything, but I can write. It may or may not make sense at some point when I read my journal. It’d help me in the end.

And the point of blaming or the least demanding to tell why it’s happening is a total childish thing. They don’t have answer for that, neither they’re interested to have nor to give. May be, I don’t know.

The answer is this, humans are gullible. They get lost easily. They get clouded easily. Before they realize what’s happening to them, the disaster would be over and nothing can be done. They raise from the dust and fix things. And once things go right, they forget everything happened to them. They won’t prepare for the invincible thing which happens until a lesson is learned. The invincible thing can be dodged if the past is observed with clear eye. It won’t be that hard. Most of the people don’t prepare for the inevitable thing and they don’t learn from it either. Even if they learn or prepare they get cocky and screw up. It’s very rare people that find their way through in the dark. Obviously, everyone finds their way out of the dark. It’d be a mess. [ No judging here ]. The cycle is repeated again, and again. It’d be the same thing until learned.

The lesson is this, the invincible thing can’t be stopped but there’s always a way to go through it. All need to do is find a way. How to find is up to us.


I know this earlier. I didn’t write it then. It seems like the first time but it’s not. It’s happen to me many times. Here I’m writing it down.

And there is no price for originality.