Abdul Rahman Shaik
3 min readMar 24, 2018

I jumped into the swamp. Did you?

I was looking at a swamp which is not too far from where I live. It’s surrounded by grass and there are trees by its side. So, great to see it in the dawn while cool breeze touching my face. I was told by my mom, my family, friends and a bunch of people not to go there. I didn’t listen to them and started to get my feet into the swamp.

It was good when I did. Curiosity got me and I jumped into it. I convinced myself that it wasn’t dangerous and I said so strongly.

They said okay, go ahead. But don’t forget we’re here for you and that’s what I heard from them. I was waddling through the swamp. Anyway I reached the middle of the swamp. That wasn’t easy at all. It challenged me. It broke me up. It get the hell out of me.

When I was at the middle of the swamp I just stood there for a while to catch my breath. That swamp didn’t think about me after all and started to pull me down. Though it said nice things, did look at me and talked. But it showed it’s true colors.

At that time memories flashed before me. Memories of my mom telling me to be careful when I was going near the swamp.She always warned me to be careful at the swamp. I didn’t listen to her.

I somehow managed to get to the plank which was left there by my people. I took support of it. I realized that the swamp is a swamp. It treats all kinds of creatures, things in the same way. It’s nature is to lure and swallow. I beat up myself for not listening to my people for a while. Then I told myself “you know what? You made this decision. Let’s get through this. You finally realized what it is. What it’s doing to you. Don’t beat up yourself. What happened it’s hard to say as either GOOD or BAD”.

It was hard for me. It was hard to stand strong. I was giving up. Somehow, I got the courage. Stood up. Put all my strength and swam through the rest of the swamp. When I was getting out of it, I saw my family and people cheering for me. They were so happy to see me at the other side. They were throwing confetti, celebrating. I get out of it and took a deep breath.

In the swamp I saw and met so many creatures that helped me to get out of it. And those creatures were also cheering for me to reach theother of the swamp. I was told that those creatures were there to help. To help who jumped into that ‘swamp’, like me.

This waddling and swimming in the swamp really challenged me. It get the hell out of me. I was angry for what the swamp did. But I was happy too. I realized what happened. ‘GOOD or BAD hard to tell’. Same goes for the swampGOOD or BAD hard to tell’.

It’s time for me to move on. Hold that lessons that swamp taught me. UNLEARN, RELEARN, LEARN those lessons.

When I look at that swamp I see it as a rich, hard ground where I can grow crops, fruits which will suffice for my people, creatures living there and provides shelter. Sometimes I see it as a fresh water lake where I can get water for my crops, for my people, for the creatures living there and a home to some creatures.

But what will happen to that swamp is not in my hand and never will be.

I love that swamp journey. I love that swamp so much. Love you swamp ;-)

In my story ‘I SAW WHAT I SAW’.

What did you see here? That’s the question I leave it for you. And what was that you saw?