A boy named Allen got warned not to play with fire.

One day he was sitting in front of a camp fire. It was red, warm and radiant. Looks, so beautiful. He put his hand in the fire and got burned. He cried the whole night. He learned a lesson, not to ignore a waring. And mistakes teach lessons.

That same boy Allen, got into one of the finest colleges he wants. He remembered the lesson that fire taught him. He wanted to do mistakes to learn lessons. Eventually, he did for an year. He did wake up lately. Missed classes. Skipped lunch. Failed in exams. Didn’t behave well. Did everything completely opposite. And thought he learned a lot.

After an year, he realized that everything he had done was stupid and wasted lot of time.

At that moment, he learned a very important lesson. Mistakes do teach lessons, it’s not necessary to make one.


Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.

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