Abdul Rahman Shaik
1 min readApr 6, 2018

Someone said look, she’s good. He’s so nice. It’s lovely to see. Suddenly, a feeling of joy, happy and good.

Someone said look, she’s weird. He’s unpleasant. It’s not quite well to see. It’s poking in my eye to see. Suddenly, a feeling of unpleasant and unhappy.

It’s not wrong to feel happy and unhappy. Not at all. It’s quite natural.

Just because the circumstances make feel good or bad, doesn’t mean they’re always will be. It’s just an opinion. Or maybe prejudice.

There is more than just good and bad. Beyond imagination. And not so hard to fathom and see, if try. Try to glean into.

Try not let the circumstances mold you so easily. Being clay, is not very much help always.

Be the BEST. At least try. Take the first step. See for yourself.


Remember, the circumstances are more than just good and bad. And so does you.