Short run vs Long run

Abdul Rahman Shaik
3 min readApr 12, 2018
Last minute struggle. (SHORT RUN)





Possible to write. Possible to get good marks. Possible to give a try.

No proper preparation until now. Total 24 hours left for exam.

Got resources. Got videos. Got references. Got every possible thing to prepare.

Opened the book. Mind goes blank. Can’t understand properly. Hard to chew. A break is a good idea. Take 5. Looked at the watch it’s over an hour since break. Determined to study. Again the same thing happened. Somehow manged to complete some chapters at the surface level. Lights off, asleep and continue morning.

Morning, looked at the clock. About an hour to leave. Managed to get ready on time and reached the college. The exam starts in 30 minutes. Start to read and now 5 minutes left. Reached the examination hall, have a seat and start writing.

Can feel mixed emotions. It’s frustration, uncomfortable, stress and lot more to mention. Exam over. Reached home. Now what? Do again for the next exam.

Results. Looked at the score board. Total misery. All hard work is a waste. Left in vain and determined to do prepare well for the next exams.

It’s the teenage exam routine. It’s a disease, I say. It’s a kick failure and dead end. Complete misery. And there’s a lesson to learn.

Another story:

Devouring notes. (LONG RUN)





Studied daily or perhaps, little bit up and down managed to read daily.

How much? About a small blog (roughly 4–5 pages).

How long? About 2 hours. Soaked completely.

Made a note. Can devour. Like a biscuit.

It’s a routine.

On the day of exam. Next to, a plate of biscuits (notes). 24 hours left for exam. Devoured plate biscuits in 3–4 hours. No stress. No hustling. No rumbling. Nothing. Just sit relax and eat biscuits.

Lights off, asleep and wake up. Looked at the clock, an hour to leave. Managed to get ready and reached college. 30 minutes left.

Reached exam hall 10 minutes earlier. Had a seat, prepared to write. Feeling joy, writing with passion and putting all that Godly power into words. Like words flying from the nib.

Now what? Prepare for the next exam in the same manner.

Results time. Looked at the score board. Satisfied with the results. Reached home with joy.

This is a best option to write exams with no stress and hustling. Calm, smooth and elegantly done.

First one, it’s a possibility. It’s an option. Neither best nor optimal. Can consider. Dead end for long run. Kick failure. Self-pity. Stressful. Misery. No productivity. No growth. Red alerts and emergency. Works well for a very short run.

Second one, it’s a possibility. It’s an option. Optimal one. Worth to consider. Blue ocean. Growth, productivity, fun, interesting, joy etc. Works for the long run. Can consider for short run (rare). Stupid enough to leave on the table. Sometimes, the BEST option. Mostly, optimal.

Which one do you choose? Let me know.