The Comicality Of The Power / Irony Of The Fate

A General was sailing the galley on a great sea. The galley powered by hundred of slaves, hungry for weeks, reeking sweat and blood dripping from their whipped backs, were rowing swiftly with a tight jaw bearing the pain. The General barked at one of his soldiers to steer left without noticing the wind direction. As on his command, the galley steered left running straight into a great rock. The water started rushing in as the soldiers and General hurried to the safety boats. Some slaves managed to escape and swam ashore; unfortunately, they were caught by the General’s soldiers. The General was livid at the misshapen commanded his soldiers, 1000 whippings for every slave. And continued how it was their fault for the shipwreck. As ordered the soldiers started whipping the slaves. The slaves hungry for weeks couldn’t keep up the pain and exhaled their last breath. Those who managed died of hunger by dawn. Later the General managed to secure even more slaves from the Emperor and as well as asked him to provide work for the wives, children of the dead at the palace. The king rewarded the General with good fortune and praised for showing mercy at them promising to keep his word.


Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.

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