The Tale of Regnum

Abdul Rahman Shaik
7 min readNov 24, 2020

Once upon a time far in the North, there’s a kingdom ‘Regnum’ ruled by a King called Malus Avarus Rex, a man fond of gold, silver above the citizens, his duties, and find entertainment in ridiculing the writers, poets, and playwrights. He laid heavy taxes on his subjects, spends the money on his needs lavishly none dared to question him.

One year Rengum was hit with drought-like never before. The blazing sun, dried the water bodies, the lands were barren unfit for farming, the food in storage units was declining. Farmers were running the black markets that sold from food, cloth to daggers, weaponry and were flourishing. Nights were not safe with the cannibals prowling the streets in the dark. The times were worst, and the crimes were at best.

To Malus Avarus Rex this was never the concerned matter except the declining of gold flow into the treasury. So he cut off the ration, gold from the schemes and laid taxes as he pleased and served the militia well which caused great dissatisfaction among the subjects and even nobles and higher.

Primus, the son of an old man leading a simple life with his wife two sons, decided to stop the King and free Regnum from the misery. So he started a rebellion against the King, which was slow in the beginning. As time pass by the subjects understood its gravity and joined it. On hearing the news of the rebellion, Malus Avarus Rex stationed the militants everywhere in the Regnum and consented to kill on suspected rebels. Primus thought it’d be wise to take a step back on seeing the innocent killings for suspicion and came up with a plan. Everyone agreed to do so even some resolved not to.

After a few days and nights, everyone in the uprising decided to gather at a place called ‘sub terra’. The gathering started with greetings, hugs, niceties, laughter and after few moments passed by everybody took their seats to discuss the issue in hand. Primus wanted to attack when the guards and the King lowered their guard and expecting the attack in the least. Some thought it was not good, and the consequences would be dire while the rest thought the contrary. After long hours of discussion, the members at the meeting agreed to take over the palace on the third night.

The next day they started for the big event collecting food, weapons, forces and acted normal without raising any suspicion. The third night came faster than expected, and the rebels started moving towards the palace in the night quiet like wind and swift like a horse. As they were halfway to the palace they noticed that none of them came across a single soldier. The very thought made them raise their guard even higher and not made an attempt to slow down except when soldiers were heading their way. They couldn’t risk slowing down and make a detour, so with strong determination, they decided to move ahead.

As they were getting closer few figures started attacking the soldiers, which made the rebels ready to attack. But those figures never did. The rebels were standing in front of the palace gates and slowly the figures were appearing from the shadows. The rebels took a step forward with their weapons to attack. The figures just raised their arms as a sign of no harm, and this gesture made the rebels calm down a bit, but they didn’t lower their guard. They came to realize the figures were their comrades, and one of them started explaining the situation. The soldiers and their comrades opened the palace gates with a battering ram.

The rebels didn’t waste a moment in attacking the soldiers. Before the soldiers realized the rebels entered into the palace, but their victory was short-lived as more soldiers rushed in to defend. The soldiers outnumbered the rebels and then the King Malus Avarus Rex walked in followed by a great sound making everyone halted in their tracks. The King demanded the rebels’ leader step forward, and Primus accompanied by his brother Secundus stepped forward with their heads held high. The King with a smile on his face welcomed the brothers like long lost friends and spoke how the blood of this kingdom was wasted because of this foolish act and offered a one on one battle promising the Victor would be the King of the Regnum. Primus looked at his brother, his comrades, and saw they were losing. With a heavy heart, he agreed to the offer and asked to give them a month for the duel to which the King agreed.

That night the forces retreated with heavy hearts and disappointment but slightly hopeful with the offer. The next day none of them were as enthusiastic as they were last night and ignored the previous night events. Fed with the gloomy atmosphere Secundus determined to bring back the lost spirits among his comrades, especially his beloved brother. He was aggressive towards them, spoke the inspiring words, and did everything he could; eventually, one after another was eager for the fight. Primus was proud of Secundus.

The day of the duel came. The King made arrangements of every kind and invited everyone in the kingdom to watch the battle. The battle also increased the gold flow into the treasury higher, and the King was pleased with himself. Desire to humiliate and set an example if anyone dared to do an uprising in the future, the King announced the deal very clearly to his subjects. No one spoke after the King was done. Primus after embracing his brother walked into the arena to fight his opponent who was none other than the King himself. The rules were simple no use of weapons and fight till one give up or die.

The duel began, and the King was attacking like a raging bull. His attacks were not precise but lethal nonetheless; Primus managed to dodge his attacks but not all. As the duel prolonged, the King was getting tired and irritated. By then Primus managed to learn the King’s moves and started landing kicks, punches. And unlikely King’s they were precise and lethal. A final punch brought down the King and the audience were cheering to their victory. The King groaning rolled to his side and pulled out a dagger and went for Primus’ throat but before he could, Primus disarmed him, cut his throat for good measure.

The death of Malus Avarus Rex was celebrated as an end to dark days. The supporters of the King were exiled to far lands. The next day, Primus was coronated as the King of Regnum and vowed to restore peace in the kingdom, and his brother Secundus as the General of the army. A grand feast was held in the evening, all subjects of the land and neighbouring kings and Queens attended with presents. Prominent figures in the rebellion were given a place in the Royal court. Some accepted the offer, and some politely declined as they prefer to live a simple life. As promised the new King established institutions to provide education to his subjects, renovated the old food storage units, constructed hospitals, laid taxes fairly. Slowly the peace was restoring.

The best times didn’t last long as the worst times, the subjects grew lazy, never zealous to educate themselves, spending time on delicacies, sipping wines. Same was the case with the Royal court too. The projects, institutions’ progress was dwindling, and the treasury was declining. The King, his brother, and a very few of the Royal court were gravely dissatisfied with the situation. They were adamant but their efforts were futile as neither subjects nor Royal courtiers were cooperative. Rumours were spreading that the King had saved a great fortune for himself, how he’s foolish to spend a fortune on silly education, health and defiance started from subjects as well as from Royal courtiers.

One fine day Primus decided to held a meeting with his Royal courtiers to discuss the matter and summoned them. Faithful to him attended, nevertheless Primus was adamant. As the meeting was progressing, a messenger walked with a letter and handed it to Primus. The letter had no name except a message which read ‘Behind those eyes lies a kingdom of their own and yours crumbled long back’. As he had done reading the letter rest of his courtiers walked straight to him and made it apparent they didn’t want him as their King.

On the third night after the meeting, the palace was under attack, and the King was in danger. He understood the message in the letter and knew he would not last long if he decided to fight. In the limited time, he managed to secure food, clothing, and horses for himself, his brother, and ordered his faithful to do the same and fled to the neighbouring kingdom. By the time he reached the neighbouring kingdom the palace was conquered and hearing the news of the King’s flight some of the subjects fled to the neighbouring kingdoms as well.

The conquered squandered the treasury as they pleased, found pleasure in the company of men and women. With no watchers, the subjects followed the same path. And as the time passed by the treasury was empty, drought was the very worst, several died of hunger and thirst, during the attack storage units were damaged, cannibalism was higher like never before and once dwindling black markets were thriving. The glory days were gone overnight.

The fled along with Primus and Secundus found shelter in the neighbouring kingdom where they lived simple lives with families using their wisdom for the kingdom.