TIME ( Past, Present, Future)

Abdul Rahman Shaik
1 min readJun 17, 2018


Last night, a fight with your mate.

Cheated by someone.



Proposal night.

First kiss.

An excellent idea.

Dream job.

Change in your life.

Find your love.

Bad things happen and so does good.

What happened can’t be changed. Bad or good. Both can’t be undone. Because there is no undo button.

If there’s one, we’d be stuck in the same time. Maybe in stone age. No Internet, and you’d never read my story. Or I wouldn’t know about you.

Future, on other hand, is unknown. We all see possibilities of our future. The possibilities are vast. There’s no guarantee. And it also changes over time. There’s fear to know the unknown. There’s uncertainty.

Past can’t be undone. Future is not promising that much. But there’s hope and possibility.

Present is present. It’s in control. It’s promising. It shapes tomorrow. Gives best lessons from the past so not to get screwed once again.

No matter what the past and future bites in our behind.


It’s pointless to compare these three. It’d be better to keep these three in sync and build. Build a dream house. A life. A house. A career. Anything you want.