Abdul Rahman Shaik
1 min readMar 31, 2018


Grey’s Anatomy

People are diagnosed with tumor. How people get it ? Either passed from others or unknown. Tumor looks small tiny, cute in the beginning. But when it gets big or large enough for our body to bear then the solution is “SURGERY”.

But the surgery is painful, it becomes so hard for us to bear. When our body doesn’t bear the pain it dies on the table or it survives through the pain.

That’s the half way, the next part is medication takin’ meds, drugs, to heal the scar, to feel numb, to lessen the pain and it is painful too.

Once the healing is done then, what ?? it starts again in a new way. It does not stop until a lesson is learned.

The lesson is on you, it’s up to you what you learn? But to me, the lesson is to understand the pain and feel it. Try hard as much as you can no matter what, the pain hits you, the tumor gets you. And all you have to do is “Brace yourself and stay strong in the storm”.